Clean Clothes

Fashioning an Ethical Industry

Low pay, lack of rights and poor working conditions are still the norm for millions of garments workers across the world.

The way the fashion industry is managed can be changed to have a more positive impact on the lives of workers in supplier countries.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry is a Labour Behind the Label project that works with students and tutors on fashion related courses to give a global overview of the garment industry, raise awareness of current company practices and of initiatives to improve conditions, and inspires students - as the next generation of industry players - to raise standards for workers in the fashion industry of the future.

We run student workshops, organise tutor trainings events, provide teaching resources and work with tutors to integrate ethical issues related to garment manufacture into their teaching. The ultimate objective of the project is to embed social responsibility issues in the teaching of all fashion related further and higher education courses.

If you could like to join our mailing list send an email to (replace _at_ with @) with 'Add me to the mailing list' in the subject box and indicate whether you are a tutor/student or other and which university/course or company/organisation you are involved with.

Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that supports garment workers' efforts to improve their working conditions. It raises the awareness of consumers, lobby groups and government and encourages international solidarity with workers. Members include trade unions and their local branches, consumer organisations, campaign groups, and charities. It is the UK platform of the international Clean Clothes Campaign.

"Corporate Social Responsibility - fashion, manipulation or strategy?" – Conference in Poland

Polish Humanitarian Organization (within “Fashioning an ethical industry” project) and Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, informs about an interdisciplinary academic conference "Corporate Social Responsibility - fashion, manipulation or strategy?" which will be held on 10-12 December 2009 in Torun.

International Conference "Fast Forward"

From 2nd to 3rd March 2010 the International Conference about "Social Responsibility in the Garmentindustry" will take place in London!!